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Overcome your techno-fears and get empowered by relevant and instantly applicable advice to build a basic website which helps you serve your prospects and business better... saving you time, money, and a whole lot of hairpulling headaches.

We believe in you.

Technology can be intimidating and expensive. You can have the greatest product or service in the world but without a solid online presence, no one will be able to find you.
Don't be afraid to try to build it yourself.
In this course, you will go from feeling frazzled by your website to feeling empowered, clear, and ready to rock your online business.

Are we for real? Hells yes!

Having a website is not a nice-to-have, should-get-to-that-soon type of goal, it's an absolute necessity in any business.
The "get a website" thing isn't a tick in a box, slap-up a template project either. Websites involve many decisions and can be quite complicated.

Picture this.

A potential customer gets their wallet out and starts to Google. They land on your site and what do they see? A template-styled nightmare, dated iPhone photos, a hodge-podge bodge job of fonts a pixelated logo, a contact form that doesn't work? They'll be clicking onto your competition's webpage before you can utter, "lost sale."
And that's only the start of what can go wrong.
We know and totally understand why websites get piffed into the too-hard basket. I mean, they ARE hard. There are so many layers of training, technology, psychology, best practice, user experience, design, etc. It takes web pros years of education and experience to master this craft. And that's just the developers. There are designers and copywriters in the mix too. A whole team of pros, the business behind your business.

Dear Friend,

I hope I haven't scared you off by now. I just want you to know that I understand your overwhelm and know that you're not alone. You are AWESOME at what you do, which probably has nothing to do with planning and building websites.


SO. That's where we come in.

Radicle Business.
Years of collective experience to help people just like you build the best website possible without any previous technical knowledge. We hold your hand every single step of the way and guide you with easily digestible instructions and information.
Most of our web design clients came to us after first having a crack at their own sites, then hiring us to fix them. We've listened to their concerns and we know how to help.
You may not be able to afford a professional web designer YET so we wanted to figure out a way to give the start-ups and small businesses the best possible chance at success.

You need


A business.

And a really good understanding of what websites are even for in the first place.

To know your why.

Work through what you're doing, why, and for whom, so that you can build the best experience for your audience. Know your ideal customer so you can inspire them and call them to action.

Help. We've got you.

Which platform to choose from? Plug-ins? Themes? (Don't know that they are? We'll explain in detail in the course.) We will not only explain how all these elements come together but help you understand why those choices matter.

A guide.

Hi! That's us! Let us show you the very best (and easiest) beginner web tools to weave your words, images, fonts and colours to support your goals and messaging.

A Backup Plan.

We've got your back and your website's too. You don't want to spend all that time building only to lose things along the way. We will show you how to work safely and securely, back everything up and protect your kingdom or queendom from the nastiest forces on the web.
You need it, we got it.

What you'll get. 

Video training

Watch as we go through each page and each process step by step. Pause the video, come back, listen and learn. You'll be shown most of Divi's modules and how to customise them with your fonts and colours, how to build different pages and posts, and even customise your theme.


All your worksheets can be completed online, saved to your profile for easy future reference. You can even edit them, or make a new one for a new project. If you do love real paper things you can even print them out.


Our signature DIY Website Checklist contains a personalised list of plugins, themes, and reading material designed just for your business type and size. You can even complete that right now if you like and it will be waiting in your profile ready when you start your course.
Your DIY Website Checklist

Our Rolodex

Where do you go for more advice? Our list of Facebook groups, contacts and websites who can continue your growth and learning.

How tech savvy do I need to be?

No lies, it's tech. And you need to start with an open mind to embrace all this newness with a smile. It's going to grow you, after all!
If you can say yes to the majority of this list, this course is a good fit for you.

Your teacher.

Mad knitter, international best selling author and award winning web designer, lover of coffee and herder of small children, Sarah lives in Hobart, Tasmania with husband Andy, kids Essie and Finn with kelpie pup Frank. Sarah has a knack for organising information in a beautiful way; getting the soul from a project, marrying it with design, and placing with purpose and clarity. Who knew that years as a litigation lawyer with pretty folders would have this application? Clients love Sarah’s ability to cut through and find a logical solution which is both beautiful and useful.

See the full list of lessons here.

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