What exactly do you need to build your DIY website?

Quite a lot of things really! Here's our list, tailored just for you, of all the plugins, books, pages, archives and considerations you need to get your website started. 

Having a website is not a nice-to-have, should-get-to-that-soon type of goal, it's an absolute necessity in any business.

The "get a website" thing isn't a tick in a box, slap-up a template project either. Websites involve many decisions and can be quite complicated.

over 70% of people who fid you on other channels like social media or ads will search for your business online to check you’re for reals.  
95% of potential clients will determine if they trust you on your website alone.
Not to mention the time that you lose as a business owner not doing the stuff in your business which actually makes money, and instead getting frazzled and trying to find a helpful source of information for your website woes.

So, getting your website right is pretty important. 

Technology can be intimidating and expensive. You can have the greatest product or service in the world but without a solid online presence, being found and then trusted is a big challenge.

Lucky you found us!

We made a list of all the things you need in order to have a great website. 

Our signature DIY Website Checklist contains a personalised list of plugins, themes, and reading material designed just for your business type and size.

Use it to build your own or form a brief for a web developer. Even they'll be impressed with how organised you are. 

It's completed entirely online, quiz style, and saved in your profile. You can download a PDF for printing and you can update it whenever you like. 

Hover over the questions for extra tips. 

want it?

I want it now!

You've got help to get this big task right. 

My name's Sarah, and I run the digital agency A Lined Design. I've built rather a lot of websites now and I know the pitfalls DIYers fall into because I see it all the time. Most of our clients have had a valiant crack at their first websites to be so disheartened. I'm thrilled they got started. But I want you to get started with some great advice and a solid foundation. 

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